Restored. To Give Life.

“Do not be afraid; just have faith.”

Words from our gospel today, according to Mark. (Mark 5:21-43)

Jesus works two mighty miracles today, both with women as a response to the gift of faith.

First, a woman with a vaginal hemorrhage lasting twelve years is healed by her own act of faith – reaching out and touching his robe.

Then, he raises a young, twelve year old girl from the dead, after her father’s act of faith in approaching Jesus.

It was a big day in Jesus’ ministry.

In both cases, the women are, essentially dead.

The first has been deeded ritually unclean for years, and unable to bring life into the world.

The second literally dies at precisely the time of life when she reaches her own child-bearing years.

Jesus rescues both women from death.

Death to society.

Death to the world.

But he also does more than that.

He lifts them to a capacity in which they can generate life themselves.

It’s a double-miracle in each case.

Jesus does more than restore life.

He builds in capacity to pay it forward and bring life into the world, ourselves.

That’s our fate too.

Jesus restores us to life through acts of faith.

Not merely for the sake of having new life, but so that we can in turn help bring new life to others.

Through faith, we become co-creators in a new Kingdom.

It’s a humbling honor, and heavy responsibility.

But do not be afraid, have faith.

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