Jesus, Our Brother

“For whoever does the will of God

is my brother and sister and mother.”

Words from our gospel today, according to Mark.

Some might not be comfortable in calling Jesus “brother.”

They might argue it diminishes the dignity of God.

A God who is King.

A God who is all powerful.

A God who should be held in highest of esteem.

But that’s not what Jesus is saying here.

He’s clearly calling us brothers and sisters – if we do the will of God.


Because he wants to underscore how important we are.

How high we rank on the order of Creation.

By doing the will of the Father,

By submitting ourselves to him,

By dying and rising in in the waters of baptism, we become children of the Father.

Jesus subjects himself to God’s will always.

And when we do, we become like him.

Calling Jesus “brother” isn’t an informal salutation that diminishes his dignity.

On the contrary, it raises our dignity.

And if that’s true, it’s important for us to remember that all who do God’s will are our brothers and sisters, equal in dignity.

Equally worthy of honor and respect.

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