We are all Ananias Today

“Immediately things like scales fell from his eyes and he regained his sight.”

Words from our First Reading today, the Book of Acts.

When he was Saul, he thought he was doing the right thing.

He was a person of power, and he used it to stifle the gospel for what he perceived to be a greater good.

It wasn’t a letter, a phone call, or a petition that changed his heart.

It wasn’t through a mass amount of people complaining about him.

It wasn’t the threat of being publicly shamed or exiled.

Saul became Paul only through an authentic encounter with the Risen Christ.

But he regained his sight when someone else laid their hands on him.

There are a lot of people in power who act contrary to the gospel but also think they’re doing good.

They truly believe it in their hearts – otherwise they wouldn’t be doing it.

Letters, calls, and petitions haven’t helped these people come to the truth.

Christ waits patiently on the hardest of hearts.

And he gives us the power to open their eyes by laying our spiritual hands on them.

Prayer and fasting will form a crack.

A tiny opening for a trickle of grace.

Then a flood.

It’s a power that comes from our baptism, being made priests, like Jesus himself.

And it’s a real, efficacious power so we better use it.

This is where the rubber hits the road. This is where authentic Christianity is put into practice.

We have to believe it.

Jesus called the world to himself through a new Paul.

If he’s going to continue to call the world to himself, he’s going to use a new us.

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