Jesus, First

“So this joy of mine has been made complete.”

Words from our gospel today, according to John.

Everything the Baptist built is about to walk down the road and follow the next, big thing.

John doesn’t care. In fact, it brings him joy.

An amazing response.
John is handing off his ministry to Jesus.
But he always knew that it was never his ministry anyway.
It was God’s.

In this attention-seeking culture of YouTube and social media, everyone has their fifteen minutes of fame. And with that alluring prospect, we face the perils of a dangerous trap.

We measure our value in likes.
We measure our value in followers.
We measure our value in retweets.
We measure our value in shares.

How many of us could feel the same way as John when all this affirmation goes away?

John is the perfect image of humility in ministry. He knew his role and he never confused it. We should all look to him when we need a reality check.

We all want to matter.
We all want to make a mark on this world.
We all want to be remembered.

For John, he lived his whole life, “Jesus, first.”
It was all about Jesus.
In fact, the only reason any of us know John’s name is because of Jesus.

He was fine with that.
We should be too.

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