Go and See

“How many loaves do you have? Go and see.”

Words from today’s gospel, according to Mark.

Generations before, God fed his hungry people through nature, sending manna miraculously. Today, he does much the same.

Except this time he doesn’t do it alone.

He invites his friends to be a part of this miraculous wonder, by using the food they already have, and multiplying it.

But first, he challenges them to take inventory. It didn’t look like much, but it was more than enough.

Jesus revealed many things about the nature of God in his ministry. One among them is that he chooses to use us to help fulfill his mission. He doesn’t need us, but he chooses us.

What an honor!
What a gift!
What a responsibility.

We all have gifts of fishes and loaves to share. All of us. It may not seem like enough to us, but it’s more than enough for God.

But first we have to take inventory.
He asks us today, “What do you have? Go and see.”

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